Frames, knees, bends and planking, 2008

With good progress on the frames, by October 2008 it was time to think about ordering wood for the planking.

After much discussion, measuring up, marking which planks will stay (and go), sucking of teeth, visits to woodyards and costing up the options, the larch was ordered. True to their word, a call from Somerscales, Grimsby, confirmed delivery of the planks, sawn from two trees, early in October. At 11am, the lorry arrived with an understanding and helpful driver. Despite lack of available assistance, the wood was offloaded and all sticked up before dark.

Steve spent a week in November fitting all the frames on the starboard side and there was a distinct feeling that progress was being made at last. The starboard side had a very secure ‘feel’, with all frames bolted in place as ‘Cachalot’ was wrapped up for the winter, 2008.

As Paul got to work with the planking, it was most encouraging to see the curve of the renowned elliptical counter taking shape again, with three planks in place by the end of April, 2009. Steve continued to work on the frames . . . but then there was a momentous decision that held up progress considerably!