Painting the deck and family matters

With storm force winds forecast for Saturday, 8 June, it’s going to be difficult to find a suitable ‘window’ to bend the mainsail on properly and swap over the covers, so we decide to leave the winter one on for now. Steve takes advantage of a sunny day to paint the rest of the decks, making sure to leave time to replace the winter cover before the rain starts again . As the storm arrives, as forecast, we have to leave the boat to concentrate on family matters [there’s a funeral and two weddings this summer], and putting together the 100th issue of Gaffers Log. After four days in Aberdeen, making plans for Ian’s funeral, we leave Matlock Bath by train for a long weekend in Paris to celebrate Simon and Ricarda’s civil wedding. Back at home, we send Gaffers Log to the printer and return to Woodbridge at last on 27 June, bringing the car and the van as we’re likely to be away from home for the rest of the summer!

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