Fitting the rudder

The storms in early June did no more damage to the tent, but the frame is seriously buckled and, once it's opened up, the lean from the vertical is clear to see.

Back in March 2008, Steve made a new rudder, having sourced some elm from a Derbyshire woodyard. Constructed in the newly-built garden workshop at home in Matlock Bath, it seems such a long time ago now. Those were the days when we thought the project would not be quite such a 'long haul'!

But at last, after storage under the boat in Suffolk for the past eight years, it's time to set the rudder in place.

  • Workshop with a view across the hills of Derbyshire!
  • Making the rudder in Derbyshire, Spring 2008
  • New rudder complete and taken down to Suffolk, 2008
  • Preparing to fit the rudder
  • Fitting the rudder
  • Preparing to fit the rudder
  • Setting the rudder in place

Returning after a couple of days in the Derbyshire warmth, Steve set to work on the rudder in early June, 2016.

There was some tidying up of the rudder stock to do and fitting the 'boot', then hanging the rudder to make sure it could swing freely.

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