With planking complete, we plan what’s next

Last planks in, the hull is complete: September 2012

The final planks have to ‘herringbone’ into the counter stern, which calls for some careful deliberations about how best to do this, leaving space for the rudder stock. Paul and Steve ask, ‘Where’s the old photos from when we first took the paint off?’ At last, the plan was drawn up, this is going to be one of the more tricky places to get it all in line.

It’s almost becoming a contest to complete the planking on the port and starboard sides, working towards the ‘shutter’ planks at stem and stern. There’s one or two periods of frustration for both Paul and Steve, as a plank splits at the last moment, or just won’t be persuaded to take the curve. And then we find the extra board, sourced from Pete’s remaining stock for ‘Transcur’ ten years ago, has woodworm! So out that goes, quick as a flash, and it’s back to getting the last couple of planks out of existing stock!

20 September 2012: the ‘whisky’ plank

Beverley is sent out to town to buy the whisky, this really IS the final plank, and it seems to be going OK. Paul Masters joins us on Sunday to finish nailing up, as Beverley’s hurt her back and can’t hold the ‘dolly’. All the planks are securely nailed with roves and butt blocks. The inside is all cleaned out and we can declare the hull complete!

Steve’s had a few tentative tests at fairing, that will certainly be a back-breaking job prior to caulking her up. Just in time, as the weather forecast is gale force winds and even colder nights than we’ve had since Friday, so its back to Derbyshire for the warmth of our house on the hill!

Shutting up for winter, 2012

Steve returns in October for a final week in Woodbridge before the dark nights draw in. The tent’s all tidied up ready for winter and the remaining wood stacked outside. He sorted through all the carefully removed teak and has brought most of it back to Derbyshire. We need to decide how to deal with the deck: there are several options, and lots of suggestions from all quarters as to what will be the best plan.

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