Some sailing and hammering roves

At last, she’s taking shape again: Autumn 2011

Returning to Suffolk in August 2011, to join in with the OGA August Classics Cruise, we peep into the tent to see how Paul’s been doing. He’s been making great progress! The hull is beginning to take shape again, with the planks in place to the top on port and starboard, right back to the stern. There’s plenty of work for this week though, in between opportunities to sail and socialise with the Old Gaffers.

Beverley took two days out sailing, on ‘Cygnet’ and ‘Kelpie II’, and we both enjoyed a day out on ‘Cormorant’ in the East Coast OGA President’s Race. We also joined in all the usual social jollity of the August Classics Cruise!

In between all this, Steve got on well with a couple more new planks, repairs to the ones above the garboards and made finishing touches to the garboards themselves, now snugly fitting on port and starboard. Now more of an expert than when he started, Steve keeps finding things that aren’t quite up to scratch, and removed a couple more frames and floors as patterns to make new ones back in Derbyshire! With all the new planks, there was lots to do with the ‘dolly’ though!

Inside the hull, Steve had difficulty finding a stance that didn’t result in more holes in his jeans . . . while Beverley had to borrow the ear defenders to shield herself from the deafening resonance of the hammer on roves. By the end of August, another box of roves was gone and a hundred or so new nails are holding the planks in place.

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