Frames, knees, bends and sisters, bolted up for Christmas 2008!

Making progress by Christmas 2008

After an enjoyable evening at the OGA AGM, held at the Orwell Yacht Club, Steve spent the following week fitting all the frames on the starboard side. Its beginning to look like progress at last! Adrian and Paul both called by, with encouraging comments. It's been a good year.

As winter takes hold, sleeping in the Bongo on the edge of the Deben seems much less attractive, even snuggled up in two sleeping bags. However, purchase of a small fan-heater has overcome that little problem! Another week’s work (in sub-zero conditions at times) has resulted in a very secure ‘feel’ to the starboard side, with all frames bolted in place. Leaving 'Cachalot' wrapped up for the winter, we return to Derbyshire.

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