OGA Jubilee Rally & 100th birthday for ‘Clytie’

Ben helps Steve go up the mast, third time lucky so the halyards are all secure in their new blocks so should run more smoothly. Bev went shopping for the barbecue while Leigh and Steve go up to Robertsons to sail ‘Cachalette’ down to Waldringfield. Lovely sunny afternoon as Gaffers arrive by boat and campervan at Waldringfield Boatyard. Aileen and Bev park the van in ‘prime position’ by the barbecue and wait for Leigh and Steve to arrive – good turnout of Gaffers for the barbecue.

Friday dawns clear but very windy. The OGA plan is to sail down to Felixstowe Ferry for f&c at lunchtime, against the tide in both directions, but Steve and Leigh aren’t too keen. They decide to take ‘Cachalette’ back up the river to Robertsons.

The return sail is eventful, with a challenging departure getting off the shore at Waldringfield then getting tangled up with a mooring line in full view of the visiting melee on the Town Dock in Woodbridge! Freed at last, having had to de-rig and re-rig the sails, they finally arrived safely into Robertsons sustaining slight damage to two hull planks.

Nigel, Aggy, Valentina, Marco and Ben had organised a lunchtime barbecue at the Tidemill then we drove back to Waldringfield to spend the evening with the Gaffers camping at the Boatyard.

Early Saturday afternoon found everyone gathered at Eversons (Woodbridge) Boatyard for the 100th birthday celebrations of ‘Clytie’, built there 100 years ago as a commission for the current owner’s grandparents. Still very windy, but bathed in sunshine in the lee of the Eversons shed, everyone had a great time with an excellent turnout.

Took refuge in the van overnight against the wind and rainstorms, watching the London Jubilee party on TV, after the cricket highlights.

Sunday dawned, still raining but the wind had dropped slightly. Steve’s got a list of jobs to do as he hopes to be ready for the Suffolk Yacht Harbour Regatta next weekend.

It brightened up enough for him to bend on the mainsail while Bev took her kayak up to Wilford Bridge and back to test out the new paddle – and it was declared a successful purchase. After evening drinks at the Anchor we retired to the Bengal Tiger with Lou, Maggie and Paul for a curry.

It’s still dull, chilly and wet on Monday but Ben and PJ are keen to join Steve as crew for the Regatta, so he’s determined to get the boat ready for Thursday, while Bev drives the Mazda back to Derbyshire for her ballet class and a dental appointment, aiming to return at the weekend. In bright sunshine, it was a great drive on country roads avoiding the A14, A1 and M1!

Our new ‘toy’

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