Galley storage taking shape!

We returned to Woodbridge on 11 August, hoping to take part in Eversons’ ‘Dinghies on the Deben’ event. Having towed ‘Cachalette’ down, and launched her from Woodbridge Boatyard slip, Bev decided it was too windy so Steve set off on his own. He was forced to give up when a cleat snapped but managed to sail back to the Tidemill unscathed. The weather didn’t really improve . . . but there are important plans for the galley this trip.

Steve’s been thinking about galley storage for a couple of years and there’s been various temporary arrangements. The wood is purchased, templates made and it will be done by the end of the summer! The design includes an ingenious removable box behind the Taylors stove and eventually there will be a device to stop anything slipping down into the bilge!

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