Stormbound in the Tidemill

It was disappointing not to stay with the OGA fleet for the rest of the Summer Cruise, but we enjoyed our week back in the Tidemill, even though it was somewhat wild and windy. Having left the Deben on Monday, the OGA boats were also stormbound in Walton Backwaters . . . so we didn’t regret our decision to leave early.

The stormy forecast was certainly accurate, and didn’t really abate all week. It’s very much ‘home from home’ at the Tidemill though, with plenty of socialising, relaxing and getting on with some jobs on the boat. We drove down to Ipswich on Saturday 31 July to join the final pontoon party for the OGA cruise before returning to Derbyshire on 3 August, hoping for better weather later in the summer.

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