Out in the river for a couple of nights

On Monday 23 August we plan to depart around 1230 for a few days in the river . . . but at 0930 an ambulance arrives looking for Bill’s wife Sally on ‘Cloud Nine’. It’s all very distressing as a second ambulance arrives but by 1230 we ask ourselves why we’re staying. There’s nothing we can do to help so, just after HW at 1415 we set off taking the ebb through Methersgate and Waldringfield with the staysail. As we pass the Rocks we notice a young lad racing around in a rib. Suddenly, it stops mid-river and he’s yelling for help. We turn quickly and motor back, a man arrives in a motor launch and tows him back to the Rocks – we can only assume he’s the somewhat irresponsible Dad.

We sail on down to Ramsholt, Billy’s Buoy is taken and George directs us to another quite a way downriver. The tide’s running very strongly as we pick up the buoy at 1615. Steve cooks a fine supper and Bev enjoys a full body and hairwash on deck as the sun goes down. All clean for the first time in a couple of weeks!! It’s quite windy and gusty later, chilly too, but a lovely full moon, cosy in the cabin with plenty of warm clothes.

After some persuasion from Steve, as it’s windier than forecast, we sail off the buoy on Tuesday 24 August with just the staysail against a strong tide in f.4-5. Sunny with some cloud we enjoy sailing back through Ramsholt and then down to Felixstowe Ferry. We were given a buoy mid-channel and managed to pick it up first time at 1510. Spent an hour ashore using Conor’s water taxi (£5 return and £10 for the mooring to John) but no fish and chips! They all closed at 3pm!! Pub was shut too on Tuesdays so had to settle for an ice cream and supper on board.

Wednesday we sailed back upriver to meet Lou and Maggie at Ramsholt, picking up a buoy opposite the pub at 1300.

Lovely lazy afternoon, sunny and calm. Having missed f&c last night, we motor ashore in the dinghy and have a great welcome for supper on the ‘Ramsholt Arms’ terrace. Met ‘Silver Phoenix’ from the Tidemill then back for drinks aboard ‘Cricket III’ with Lou and Maggie . . . strictly boots off before boarding as we were VERY muddy, motored back to ‘Cachalot’ as dusk falls 2030. Left our decks and dinghy seriously muddy for a morning clean up!

Thursday morning was very windy, and there’s not enough water over the cill until 1330 at the Tidemill. We bring in the bowsprit, stow the staysail and dinghy but leave cleaning up the mud until we’re in the marina. Set out for a rather lumpy motor back up to the marina in company with Lou and Maggie.

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