Stripping off, and it’s more than the counter!

Paint stripping by Process Media Tech Ltd., using the Farrows System

After long discussions and lots of research we decide to remove all paint and anti-foul from the hull. Kevin arrived on another bright Spring morning in March 2007 to start work. After a day’s concentrated work spraying with ‘volcanic sand, freshly heated water and low pressurised air’, ‘Cachalot’ was looking very different, there’s no going back now!

We spent the evening as new members at the East Coast OGA Annual Dinner, Royal Burnham YC, and had a most enjoyable time meeting lots of new people from the local area.

We return to Derbyshire, leaving Paul to do some exploratory work during March. As more planks are removed and frames inspected, it becomes clear that the problems extend to more than just the counter. We’ll always remember the night Paul phoned to tell us, with some hesitancy in his voice, the bad news as he took more of the rotten wood out: archboard, beam shelf, frames, deck beams and probably worse as we expose more of the hull. There’s been more long and anguished discussions about what to do: shall we just call it a day, forget about her and do something else, put it all down to experience? No! We all agreed to go ahead and restore ‘Cachalot’ – so where do we start?

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