Out in the Deben at last!

At the end of July, we put the batteries back in the campervan and drove down to Woodbridge, Bev in the camper and Steve in the Freelander. Arriving quite late on 28 July, we left sorting out the van until morning and slept on the boat after a good supper cooked at home. We’d already got several invites for ‘socially distanced’ supper and/or drinks and as the weather brightened up, we looked forward to an enjoyable couple of weeks.

Bev was encouraged to go out in the little boat for a row upriver and back, Steve also found a lovely secluded little place to swim and tie up the dinghy opposite the Tidemill. We’ve also splashed out on a new electric outboard, still awaiting delivery from Germany.

The weather was truly scorching! Shorts, sunhats and suncream essential with 35 degrees in the shade for about a week. We enjoyed swimming in the river to cool down . . . and Steve scrubbed the topsides while we were moored on Bill’s buoy at Ramsholt.

The Tidemill barbecue was put to good use for entertaining, but Bev had forgotten to pack the gin, so there was ice, tonic and lemon but Steve missed the vital ingredient! It’s on the shopping list for next time.

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