Away for July and new bowsprit shrouds

New shrouds for the bowsprit

Dynema bowsprit shrouds

We pack up the boat on 5 July, leave the Mini safely parked in the Marina and take the van on her maiden foreign trip . . . first overnight stop Harwich Harbour, ready for an early morning crossing to Holland. Returning from our 2,000 mile tour down to the Swiss Alps and back on 23 July there’s just two days in Woodbridge before we leave on ‘Kestrel’ for the OGA Summer Cruise. We check the boat and find the bilge has started going off rather more frequently, the counter seems to indicate it’s maybe as much as three or four times a day. A bit worrying, but there’s no time to do anything about it now . . . securing everything as best we can, we meet James and sail from Waldringfield on 26 July, returning after a great ten days on 4 August.

Whilst we’re away, Steve meets a man in a van and is able to purchase some Dynema at a very good price, so the bowsprit is now secured with a new set of fine shrouds and pelican hooks.

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