Finishing touches, and decisions about the cruise

Whilst at home in Derbyshire, Steve made a beautiful set of new boom gallows which fit perfectly, allowing a full turn on the tiller as they’re set further back from the cockpit. With major jobs complete, it’s also time for all those fiddly finishing touches to the cabinetwork behind the chart table, including some hand-turned knobs for the drawers.

But will we be ready for the East Coast Summer Cruise . . . decisions, decisions and just as we’re thinking about it, James calls to ask, ‘Will you be joining me on ‘Kestrel’ this year?’ We haven’t got time for any ‘shakedown’ trips, as the cruise starts 48 hours after we return from our second sojourn on the continent. This time it’s to join Simon and Ricarda at their wedding party south of Paris, taking in a trip to the Swiss Alps to make crossing the North Sea from Harwich to the Hook of Holland with the van worthwhile!

So, sadly, we decide that ‘Cachalot’ will not be ready to join the Cruise this year and James sends off the entry forms . . . we’ll be crewing on ‘Kestrel’ again for the OGA summer cruise, which starts at Stone and continues south this year!

New set of boom gallows


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