Final fitting out of the forepeak

After a week at home, it’s time to return to Suffolk. Bev brings her bookbinding materials to start work on the wedding book for Simon and Ricarda and Steve starts work on the final panels to complete fitting out in the forepeak. The new van makes quite a good workshop, and is warm and cosy when the weather’s bad. We call Baz who will come round mid-week to talk covers. The weather veers from beautifully warm, balmy and calm to torrential rain and high winds – flaming June meets March winds! Dodging the rain, and making use of the winter cover for protection, Steve’s finished fitting out the forepeak, including routing and painting the plywood bulkheads. “That’s the last time I’ll have to do that!”, he exclaims [the routing to make it look like tongue and groove]. Just need to collect the cushions next time we’re home. They’re being re-covered by Andy, the furniture restorer back in Derbyshire.

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