May Day weekend

After a few days back in Derbyshire at the end of April, we return to Suffolk despite the bad weather forecast for the May Day Bank Holiday weekend. We bring all the sails from winter storage, fitting them easily into the Adria with plenty of space to spare for tools, wood, varnished panels, sole boards, the partly finished summer cover and Bev’s sewing machine.

Arriving in Woodbridge late, at the wrong state of the tide, but keen to wander into town to see what’s going on despite the wind and rain, we manage to sleep in the van with all the sails stacked in the cab. Next morning we carry them across the pontoon and find room to store all the sails under the winter cover. It’s still really stormy though, and not a very pleasant weekend compared with last year when we basked in sunshine! The modified sole board and step, taken home for some more work, are re-fitted and looking good in the cabin.

Sole boards round the mast complete


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