Time to finish the electrics . . .

Testing the electrics

Lights all working . . . on a dull May Day weekend

Chilly winds and rain are inconvenient, and often drove us back to Derbyshire in the past, but don’t stop work on the boat any more . . . The winter cover provides excellent protection for Steve to work on board. Bev finds plenty to do in the spacious (and warm) new van and we retire for a warm and ┬ácosy evening with the heating turned on!

The first priority for this trip is to complete work on the switch panel and radio. After several re-thinks, re-wirings and re-designs, Steve’s ready to finalise everything, complete the wiring, fix the back boxes and front panel in position ready for final testing. For now, he leaves the chart plotter, as there’s still some thinking to be done . . .

We still need to source new panel labels for a couple of switches (ideally without buying a full set!) but it all works and makes better use of the space.

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