Progress in the forepeak

After fixing all the supporting timbers, and making patterns for the forepeak boards, Steve needs to work quickly, now without the benefit of the tent, to get the newly-purchased plywood cut down so that they will fit into the boat for storage, as it’s forecast to rain . . .

Re-using the old forepeak cushions will be a bit of a challenge, as they were made-to-measure, but we think it will be worth it for the comfort they’ll afford crew sleeping in the forepeak. It will be cosy, but a bit less ‘coffin-like’, now there’s more headroom. The boat has been turned into storage and workshop space for now . . . good job we have the new van for ‘living space’, as the weather turns back to being chilly and windy with occasional showers!

  • New sole boards and supports for cushions in the forepeak, 2019
  • Lowering the boards in the forepeak
  • Cutting boards on the pontoon
  • A race against the forecast rain, cutting the new boards
  • Where did it all come from?

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