Back to our own berth

Getting ready to move back to the North Arm

On Tuesday, 23 April, Mike and Steve bring ‘Cachalot’ back round to her berth on the North Arm.

We move the van back to where there’s been a lot of landscaping over the winter and park up near where the tent used to be, looking upriver towards Melton again.

There’s only a couple more days of fine weather, and we need more plywood to finish the forepeak so once the boat’s in her berth, there’s a trip to Ridgeon’s at Martlesham Heath where the Adria once again comes into her own. Being based on a panel van, the two 10′ x 4′ boards fit neatly and easily in through the double doors on the back with the bed lifted up out of the way!


Parked up where the tent used to be, ‘Cachalot’ back in her berth

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