Easter weekend: varnishing and planning

More varnish! Cockpit coaming and edging . . .

18 April and it’s only Maundy Thursday! We decide to leave before the main holiday traffic gets on the road, load up the Adria with provisions, tools, freshly painted cockpit sides, new sole boards for the forepeak and set off for Woodbridge. It’s not a bad journey, and we arrive in beautiful sunshine to find that the boat’s still in her temporary berth, and the bilge pump has only gone off once more since February!

Steve’s decided the cockpit coaming and cockpit edges need re-varnishing and uses the protection of the winter covers coupled with the warm weather to rub down and varnish over the Easter weekend. Bev asks how many, and his answer is ‘too many coats to count’. The other project is to re-engineer the forepeak layout, in an attempt to create more headroom by lowering the boards, but still be able to re-use the old fitted cushions around the new sternpost. In the hot weather, it’s a very small space to be working in, and the whole cabin becomes a storage area, but we don’t want to take the winter covers off as they afford excellent protection still.

The unseasonally hot and sunny weather means the Tidemill is very busy with boats coming and going . . . but Harbour staff suggest we can move round to our own berth on Tuesday, and park the van in the space where the tent used to be!

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