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Modern Certificate of British Registry, laminated card, valid for five years

Gone are the handwritten entries with signature and official stamp on broadsheet-sized manilla folded into the cloth-bound ‘blue book’. Since 2005 all we had  was a single, laminated piece of A4 card, printed in plain type and renewable every five years.

Steve Daley-Yates with Glyn and Chris Holt were registered as owners of ‘Cachalot’ from 3 November 2005, Glyn and Chris having 16/64ths share. They purchased her via a broker in September 2005 from David Richard John Francis Macaire of Newmarket, Suffolk who had owned ‘Cachalot’ for ten years after purchasing her from Julia and Martin Davy on 8 July, 1995.

In October 2010, Steve became sole owner of ‘Cachalot’, and continued the restoration project started in 2007.

In 2017, on 4 August, ‘Cachalot’ was launched at the Tidemill Yacht Harbour, Woodbridge, Suffolk. At renewal of the registration in 2020, even the laminated ‘certificate’ has gone. The ‘record’ is just a standard piece of A4 paper!

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