Booked to go back in!

Final check for the bilge pumps

Bilge pumps checked

Bev returns to Suffolk in time for supper at the Sorrel Horse on Saturday night, after a surprisingly quick drive down from Derbyshire (given it’s Bank Holiday weekend) to find we can now sleep in the boat. Steve’s made it quite cosy while she’s been away, with a temporary light and electric heater as the nights are still quite chilly. It’s so much more roomy than the van!

No galley yet though, so Bev perfects cooking meals in the van that can easily be transported up the ladder and into the boat. We don’t risk bringing the electric kettle on board though, with no flat surfaces yet to make a brew. That’s Steve’s job in the morning, back down the ladder to the van to make morning coffee!

The weather’s been ideal for painting and once James had done the re-caulking, Steve’s been getting on well, so the boat is booked to go back in the water on Tuesday.

Bank Holiday Monday is spent checking everything is ‘shipshape’, especially the bilge pumps, electrics and connections for the engine.

Morning coffee, Bank Holiday Monday

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