What about the waterline?

More lead!

There was some more lead at the house, which we’ve brought down and added to the bilges, some reclaimed from the renovation works and four good pieces given to us by Mike and Sue, saved from when they changed the engine in ‘Ro an Mor’ (or was it ‘Letitia’?). Thank you, anyway!

Waterline needs re-drawing!

Now that she’s been in the water, it’s clear we didn’t get the waterline quite right! After carefully marking up the line there’s quite a bit of antifoul to remove, so Steve experiments with various methods to do this. It’s a pretty unpleasant task, and he wears the classic yellow ‘Marigold’ washing up gloves! Takes a long time, but it will all be worth it when she’s back in the water!

Keen not to miss her ballet class, and to catch up with other jobs around the house, Bev returns to Derbyshire for a few days, leaving Steve to get on with painting and antifouling . . .

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