Early years: 1897 – 1922

This advertisement appeared in the ‘For Sale’ column of ‘The Yachtsman’, October 1897. From 1900 until 1905, Lloyds Register of Yachts lists two owners for ‘Cachalot’: R C Boothby of Sydenham, London and W A Fraser, also of London. ‘Cachalot’ did not have an engine at this time and was registered at Shoreham, London.

'Cachalot' B E Dunbar Kilburn, 1907

‘Cachalot’ B E Dunbar Kilburn, 1907

B E Dunbar Kilburn

In a letter written to Jenny Kiloh by Katharine Smith in 1990, she talks about her father buying ‘Cachalot’ in about 1907 and selling her in about 1922. According to the letter, Katharine’s father lived in London at the time (she was not born until 1912), and kept the boat at Fambridge on the River Crouch, Suffolk in the care of a local man named Ernie Flick. ‘Cachalot’ was known as the ‘full-rigged ship’ as her father frequently used a large tops’l.

Based on entries in the Lloyds Register of Yachts, and correspondence via email, we discovered that Katharine’s father was B E Dunbar Kilburn, listed as owning ‘Cachalot’ between 1906 and 1927. He lived in Hyde Park, London and was a member of sailing clubs in Fambridge and Mersea.

‘Cachalot’ was registered in Ipswich.

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