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Fitting the metalwork

Galvanised fairlead re-fitted

Steve and Bev return to Woodbridge on 3 July, collecting the newly galvanised fairleads from BronzeWork, Martlesham. Along with final coats of varnish and painting the deck, fitting all the metalwork is one of the major jobs for completion before we can launch. The four renovated fairleads fit snugly and with another coat of varnish to the capping rail are looking good. Warm and sunny makes working in the tent a bit hot, but it feels good to be on the final list of jobs to do – even if it is rather long still!

Moray and Dave arrive from BronzeWork to do a ‘final fit’ for the stem head, stem band, mast band, gammon iron and chainplates. Checking out the running of the bowsprit results in some modification to the capping rail and bulwark to let it pass through the gammon iron!

Launch date set, provisionally . . .

Steve and Moray, at BronzeWork, have regular chats about the metalwork, in particular the stem band which must be fitted before she’s launched. There’s also the conversation with Richard at the Tidemill about the practicalities of getting her out of the tent, and setting a date of the launch. It’s now agreed, provisionally, for five weeks time: 28 July, 2017.

Look out for your invitations!


Bev tackles the anti-foul

As promised, Bev drives back to Suffolk and the weather is almost perfect for the somewhat unpleasant task of anti-fouling. ‘Flaming June’ has arrived with temperatures into the 30s and a light breeze, excellent! We have another tidy up under the boat, removing all the stored wood and other paraphernalia – what a difference it makes! We open the tent all round for ventilation and Bev dons protective clothing to start applying the red anti-foul. First coat is easy, painting over grey, but the second coat’s more of a challenge as it’s drying almost before it leaves the roller! Steve lends a hand to speed the job up, and we finish the whole hull, she’s nearly ready for the water!

Samson posts, rudder and more . . .

Rudder in place

Bev returns home for a couple of days after the survey and the weather takes a turn for the worse with 40mph gusts again in Suffolk forcing Steve to pack up the van and take refuge in a shopping trip to Ipswich for the afternoon before the General Election. With rain and gales, Bev decides to stay in Derbyshire and as it abates in Suffolk Steve starts work on the second Samson post.

Whilst checking the fit, lying in the forepeak, he knocks out a chock and it slips, the solid oak dropping 18” onto his face! Clutching his mouth and expecting to find a handful of teeth, Steve’s relieved to find there’s just bruising. Bev doesn’t find out about this incident until she returns to Suffolk . . . apart from the Samson post being completed and fitted, the rudder is at last hung and a final coat of primer applied below the waterline in preparation for Bev’s return to do the anti-foul.


  • Last coat of primer under the waterline
  • All engine controls connected, June 2017
  • Stern gland connected
  • Lever and stop button installed
  • Cachalot displays her Dunkirk, 1940 plaque


More jobs ticked off the list! The rudder stock is fitted and new tiller now in place. Control cables for the engine are connected with control lever and stop button installed in the cockpit, stern gland greaser re-fitted and new capping to complete the restored cockpit coaming. Bronze skin fittings all cleaned up and replaced, along with her Dunkirk plaque, polished and back in place. We’re getting there, she’s beginning to look like a boat ready to float!