Current owner


Modern Certificate of British Registry, laminated card, valid for five years

Gone are the handwritten entries with signature and official stamp on broadsheet-sized manilla folded into the cloth-bound ‘blue book’. Today all we haveĀ  is a single, laminated piece of A4 card, printed in plain type and renewable every five years.

Steve Daley-Yates with Glyn and Chris Holt were registered as owners of ‘Cachalot’ from 3 November 2005, Glyn and Chris having 16/64ths share. They purchased her via a broker in September 2005 from David Richard John Francis Macaire of Newmarket, Suffolk who had owned ‘Cachalot’ for ten years after purchasing her from Julia and Martin Davy.

In October 2010, Steve became sole owner of ‘Cachalot’, and continued the restoration project started in 2007. In 2017, on 4 August, ‘Cachalot’ was launched at the Tidemill Yacht Harbour, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

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